GIS_Watershed3The majority of Systech’s watershed modeling and hydrology projects include a phase or component that is based on the analysis of spatial data. Systech’s engineers have been working with geographic information systems (GIS) software for several decades. We are familiar with many of the different GIS platforms currently available for analyzing spatial data, including open source software (Quantum GIS and MapWindow) as well as the common commercial offerings (ESRI). Systech has also developed a GIS, and embedded that software into the WARMF graphical user interface. With all components of the WARMF software system developed in-house, Systech is able to distribute the software without complicated licensing concerns, or requiring users to own additional software products to utilize the WARMF software.

Systech’s GIS capabilities and experience include:

  • Use and customization of commercial and open source GIS software products
  • Competence with the tools and techniques used to perform spatial analysis of environmental data
  • Hydrography and hydrology data analysis using GIS
  • Creating GIS functionality for WARMF using the C++ programming language